No Sleep for Lucy was formed in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2011 by childhood friends and writer/producer team mates Kristoffer Sjökvist and Christian Rabb. The two had been band mates in a number of constellations since the age of ten and after a few years away from the live scene they were looking for an exceptional singer to complete the line-up of their new arena rock band project.


Lukas Meijer was soon brought to the guys attention and after listening to a few demos, Christian and Kristoffer invited Lukas to a songwriting weekend, where the first ever NSFL songs came to life. The guys really hit it off and already in the second writing session, two of the singles from the debut album “Until The End”; “Feel Alive” and “Going Down”, were written.

During the last few years, NSFL have been releasing a number of singles, all of which have gained significant rotation on, among others, Sweden’s no. 1 rock radio station “Bandit Rock”. The band was also awarded a nomination for “Breakthrough of the year” in the 2016 Bandit Rock Awards.

In 2019, No Sleep For Lucy signed with German record label From Dusk Til Dawn and went on their first European Tour, supporting for german metal queen, Doro.



Dear Lucy,


Your remains were found in 1974 at Hadar in Ethiopia. It is estimated that you lived some 3.2 million years ago. The discovery of a female ancestor was significant as you seems to be a sign of the human female evolution – leading to what all women are today.


You’re now being exposed at museums all over the world. It seems like you won’t get any more sleep.


Donald Johanson, the anthropologist from Chicago University who discovered you, tells us why:


– Surely such a noble little fossil lady deserved a name. As the expedition crew sat around one evening listening to Beatles’ songs, someone said: ”Why don’t we call her Lucy?

You know, after “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. So, she became Lucy.

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